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Bátaapáti NRWR

Panorama of the National Radioactive Waste Repository The central and technology buildings on the surface The operations hall in the technical building Small and intermediate level wastes are loaded on to special transport vehicles at the Paks Nuclear Power Plant Diagram of the underground storage chambers Schematic diagram of chamber array I. The Eastern diagonal corridor A segment of the Eastern diagonal corridor The drill car is drilling holes for explosives Visitors may see an exhibition in the Western diagonal corridor

Püspökszilágy RWTDF

Aerial view of the RWTDF site The RWTDF operations building The RWTDF operations hall RWTDF pools in the winter Barrels are unloaded using a crane The kick-off for the safety enhancement demonstratiion program


Aerial view of the ISFS External view of the ISFS Schematic of the ISFS The ISFS hall Loading machinery in the ISFS hall Visitors at the ISFS

Western Mecsek research area

Surface drilling in the Western Mecsek area Aleurolite core sample Visitors in the Information Park The Boda Info Park

Concept for Final Disposal ([slidepress thickbox=’nagy-aktivitasu-en’ title=’learn more’])

The planned layout of the underground storage chambers According to the conceptual plan, each brass container will house 12 cassettes Brass housings will be protected from water by bentonite Storage containers will contain 36 cassettes in 3 brass containers Research laboratory experiments will take decades Research laboratory experiments will take decades