Last concrete container arrived at its final place

2017. June 16, Friday  |  Téma: News

After four and a half years  PURAM  achieved in 19  May
2017  that the  first  disposal  chamber of the National Radioactive  Waste  Repository   (NRWR)  in  Bátaapáti,
became filled up with NPP origin LILW packages.


During the Press event, the reporters and journalists received a lot of information about the history and the operational experience of the first chamber. Ms. Gabriella Honti, head of the communication department, gave a presentation in the Visitor Center to the audience, where a comprehensive informative film and some interactive monitors provided information about the facility.

According to the disposal method applied in the first chamber, the LILW is filled into drums which are placed in concrete containers. (9 drums=1 container). The free spaces of the container are filled with cement mixture. After 7 days of rest, the containers are transported to the I-K1 underground disposal chamber which is located 250 meter deep underground. With the last container, the first chamber provides safe and final place for 537 containers with 4833 drums.

The second chamber is almost ready to host the waste packages that are prepared by a new disposal concept. „Our aim is to introduce such a new method of disposal, which allows for better space utilization while our current high safety standards are maintained. According to this concept, a new type of compact waste package will be used instead of the concrete containers. Each of the metal containers will contain four drums; the space between the drums will be filled up with active cement mixture made of solidified liquid radioactive waste.” – informed Mr. Zoltán László, operational director. This new concept will be more economical, as the previous one.

After the presentations, the participants could look on how the first chamber received the last container.