Positive conclusions in the geological research program

2016. October 4, Tuesday  |  Téma: News

Több mint százan voltak kíváncsiak az előadásokra
PURAM and the West-Mecsek Social Information and Regional Development Association (NYMTIT) organized their annual common public event, the so called „Tájoló Nap”, which means the „Compass Day” on the 24th of September 2016.

As in the previous years, Mr. Ferenc Kereki, Managing Director of PURAM gave an account on the press conference about the geological research program, carried out for the final disposal of the high level radioactive waste and spent fuel. Local people and the media could hear about the positive results of the exploration trench that had been excavated in 2015-2016. „We were curious about what kind of changes and movements have occurred during the past thousands of years and geologically how stable is the Boda Claystone Formation that we explore. Measurements showed that the planned host rock is extremely stable and there were not any movements during the last several hundred thousands of years. It is an important outcome of the investigation work.” – said Mr. Ferenc Kereki.

After the press conference, the audience heard some interesting presentations by Hungarian experts, and as before, the event had a foreign guest speaker, Ms. Lucie Steinerová (SURAÓ) from the Czech Republic in this year. The communication expert spoke about experiences and projects in the Czech radioactive waste management and disposal programme for the audience.