Mission statement

The mission of PURAM is, as specified in the law, to ensure that the management of radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel

  • is carried out safely during the entire period of the work, and
  • has no higher detrimental effect on the human health and environment beyond the country borders than acceptable within Hungary.

It is also specified in the Act on Atomic Energy, that the safe disposal of the generated radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel shall be provided in due consideration of the latest confirmed results of the technological development, the international expectations and experience. To fulfill this requirement PURAM has a committed, highly qualified staff with close contact to the international scientific community.

For keeping the population informed in the immediate environment of the planned or operational repositories and the interim storage facility of spent fuel, PURAM is providing information also through the social control and information associations, and these associations can receive financial support from the Central Nuclear Financial Fund (see Financing the work).