Headquaters, offices

Budaörs Headquarters

Budaörs Headquarters, that is near to the capital city, is the office center of the Managing Director. Beside the Director, there are some divisions that have also colleagues in this building.

Budaörs Headquarter

Paks Office

Paks Office accommodates the divisions, directorates, departments of the Company. The office building provides place for professional meetings, negotiations, and for the preparation of decision supporting documents. The office building is used as entrance control point for the SFISF facility at the same time. The file storeroom of PURAM is also situated in this building.
PURAM has been very active in the field of communication and information. In 2002, a showroom was opened in the office building, which provides a comprehensive picture of PURAM’s projects.

Aerial view of our Paks Office and the ISFS