Financing the work

In accordance with the basic rules laid down in the Act on Atomic Energy, radioactive waste and spent fuel management shall not impose any undue burden on future generations. To satisfy this requirement, the long-term costs shall be paid by the generation that enjoys the benefits of nuclear energy production and the application of isotopes.

To this end a Central Nuclear Financial Fund was established as of January 1, 1998 by the Act CXVI of 1996 on Atomic Energy. The Minister supervising the Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority, at present the Minister for national development disposes over the Fund. The Ministry of National Development is responsible for the management of the Fund.

The payments of Paks NPP into the Fund shall cover all its costs of radioactive waste and spent fuel management as well as decommissioning, specified in the intermediate and long-term plans prepared by PURAM and reviewed and updated on an annual basis.

As of December 31, 2015, the amount accumulated in the Fund was 255.1 billion HUF.